enbiun stands for unique

enbiun looks to the future to create unique concepts for the present.

We work with care, are involved in your business and it's requirements while always remaining passionate, creative, and experimental. Work with enbiun on your brand and take advantage of our 15 years of experience and unique set of skills and knowledge.


we design and perform in the space where people, service, and food come together.

Food shapes the beating heart of our existence, it's our focus and ambition to create work in which food becomes the centerpoint.

We believe that the importance of food reaches beyond a necessity or even a restaurant or café. For enbiun, food is the starting point to create engaging and social concepts for end users and operators. 

With our multidisciplinary team we connect your need to our critical thinking and an expansive network. The result: creative concepts that work.


enbiun is a full service concept agency.
We surround ourself with a network of highly creative individuals. This results in a team that can execute design from start to end in almost every design discipline.


  • interior design
  • architecture
  • work flow design
  • technical implementation
  • signing
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  • communication
  • content development
  • graphic design
  • digital design & development
  • illustration
  • photography
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  • food architecture
  • marketing positioning
  • packaging
  • 3D design
  • innovation
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  • business models
  • strategy
  • networking
  • brainstorming
  • analysis
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Support & Development

  • implementation
  • development
  • training
  • inspiration
  • coaching
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Unique upside-down approaches lead to distinctive results for all kinds of challenges.


Our clients know
their business, we listen,
ask questions and
discuss dilemmas.

Research & analysis

We interpret questions
and make it our own,
we analyse and reformulate.


Based on dialogue
and analysis we
form the strategy,
the big idea.


We develop the idea into a comprehensive concept.
A set of core values in design and content.

Design & production

The concept evolves
into different forms of
design, like food, print,
online and spaces.

Design & production

The concept evolves
into different forms of
design, like food, print,
online and spaces.

Jan Willem van de Sande
Sales Director

Every process
starts with
a dialogue

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