Since our early days in 2002, our studio has proudly designed and delivered food concepts for restaurants, brands, and workplaces. Our strong belief in a People-Centric approach has always been at the foundation of our creations.


With our years of experience in being developers, we are natural consultants. With enbiun consultancy, we put the end-user front and center. With our team of experienced creative and business specialists we create a integral and intelligent starting point for your challenge or project.


Our ambition to reinvent hospitality & food requires us to think and design on many levels. We take responsibility for the whole process. We design in 4D: concept and services, 3D: interior design and 2D: brand identity.


enbiun Program guides your catering services in an innovative and creative way. The base of enbiun Program is a visionary menu cycle specified on your corporate values created by one of our food curators.



Mixing disciplines is the key to interesting work.

Our multidisciplinary team consists of designers, foodies, technicians, entrepreneurs, and commercial experts - an interesting mix of professionals who pour their heart and soul into every project. However different our backgrounds may be, we have one thing in common and that is our passion for food and hospitality.

Passionate enough to organize events after office hours that revolve around our favorite subject to inspire both us and our network. As a client, you become part of our multidisciplinary team, that is how we create value.