we design and perform in the space where people, service, and food come together.


enbiun is a multidisciplinary team creating big ideas together

We are enbiun; a unique network of creators, designers, and innovators. Together we create concepts and brands that work.

We work where people, service, and food come together. Think of food markets, facility, catering, hospitality, and retail. Our customers range from startups to large corporations and governmental organizations.


enbiun looks to the future

Part of our creative process is talking about the future. Only when thinking about the future can we create sustainable and innovative concepts.

Being curious to what’s happening around us and in our environment comes natural to us. We travel, observe, smell and touch things, perhaps more critically because of our jobs.

All this knowledge and sensitivity for our environment and it's people is gathered in an ongoing trend research which we use as a backbone for our projects. We would like to share some of our research and forecasting with you. Just as a start of a conversation.

So please join in the cycle of thought on this page, join us on an international visit or participate in our forecasting program where we speculate on things to come.