We are enbiun, a unique eco-system
of thinkers, designers and re-newers.
Together we build and create organizations,
concepts and brands that work.

projects & participations

Sodexo innovation hub
Innovation in facility services

brand development food box

Landal GreenParks
new vision on food

We work in the space where people, service, and food come together. Think of markets such as food, facility, hospitality, and retail. Our clientele is a beautiful mix of start-ups, large corporations, and government organizations.

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Voedsel voor je brein

Activiteit gerelateerd eten voor optimale prestatie

Jonge ondernemers zijn de drijfveer van innovatie

Verantwoord vlees, kan dat wel?

Wij gaan altijd uit van intelligent design. En ontwikkelen organisaties, merken en concepten die vooruitstrevend en toekomstbestendig zijn. We denken na over wat komen gaat en delen graag met jou onze fascinaties.

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Got a challenge for us?

Contact us today. First, we’ll have some good coffee. Then, we’ll put our heads together and talk about what’s happening now and where it can go.

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